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Studio107, a fully integrated media agency, Brings the mind of a filmmaker, the precision of a graphic designer, the vision of a photographer, the brains of a creative conceptualiser and the strategic acumen of an account planner. 

Often when, new media designers struggle to satisfy a client's expectation, they complain that the clients "don't know what they want." In our experience this simply reflects a lack of imagination and communication. As the pioneering new media designer and filmmaker Hillman Kurtis put it: "Part of the process of making the invisible visible is pulling that often seemingly invisible desire out of the space between what clients say and what we hear." This simple yet profound concept informs every aspect of our relationship with clients - our distinctive approach unlocks our mutual creativity and vision, resulting in a superior final product.

Each project has it's own unique needs and requirements. Throughout the course of our projects, we work attentively with our clients to define their needs and expectations, offering them a one-of-a-kind collaborative experience that produces high-quality shots, sure to delight and inspire viewers.

Why hire us for your next project ?

We are passionately committed to producing truly world-class results, through close collaboration, communication and diligent research all tailored to meet and exceed your goals and expectations.

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